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All of our plug-in channels run on Quest3D releases 4.3.2 and 5.0 (X64). You are expected to have tested the trial version before buying a full license. There is no difference in the functionality (see below).

All plug-ins are designed as Value channels. This allows for the signalling of the channel state to the calling parent.

To cope with complexity, some of my channels allow to set operating states by calling the plug-in with a SetValue channel.

For more details please refer to the detailed descriptions provided with each plug-in and the Plug-In-Manual.pdf

Getting started ...

Each plug-in comes with at least one demo application. A good introduction is to familiarize yourself with the annotated cgr.
Generally it is advisable to start with low complexity projects and expand later. This makes it easier to identify obstacles.
Study the detailed channel description that ships with each plug-in (pdf).
Use the Debug Window to look for unexpected behavior. Some plug-ins allows to even asking for more verbose debug output. Note, that ASCII output may alter the performance of your system.

Installation Tips

Make sure to obtain the channel appropiate to the target Quest3D version and Operating System.
Copy the dll file into yout Quest3D installation folder into the channels subdirectory.
Restart Quest3D.exe. Now the new channel appears in the channel list and is ready for deployment.
Store your dll at a save place. Trial and full versions of a channel use the same name. Use subdirectories to differentiate between stored trial and full versions.
The replace a trial channel with a full version, just overwrite the dll.
Have a look at the Debug Window in your Quest3D Editor to verify the actual valid license restrictions.

Full Version

No time or volume restrictions in editing or in published works. Same as regular Quest3D channels. For full size production environments. Only the Software License Agreement restrictions apply.

General installation tips can be found here.


Trial Version

Trial versions are typically made available in the Quest3D forum. They are fully functional. This simplifies your buying decision process.

Trial restrictions apply with respect to volume, session time, and expiration period. The maximum session time in the Editor and at Runtime is typically some minutes. In addition, Runtime session length is occasionally shortened. Payload volume refers to a completed transaction, like a single TCP/UDP package or a compound gesture sequence. Expiration periods end at the month indicated.

All plug-ins are Value-Channels. Exceeding any restriction results in a value return of (-2) and should be processed in the channel graph.

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