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This is a collection of the applications I developed in the last couple of years with the current Kinect plug-in or one of its predecessors. Make sure to watch all videos. Click images to enlarge. Be inspired ...

Navigating in 3D Worlds

The videon Enjoy Kinect Gestures with Quest3D and Enjoy 3D Painting. demonstrate my solution with previously published Kinect custom channels (fall of 2011). The avatar is visualized in three ways: Wireframe, wood puppet, and skinned character. Some simple gesture recognitions include: Walk, direct, and select. Furthermore, the ground position of the player is used.


Moving chess figures by using postures and location. Video Enjoy Kinect Gestures with Quest3D (1/3). Uses ground position delivered by Kinect for the movement of the avatar. Binding to a chess piece is done with collision detection, and unbinding with a gesture "hand above shoulder".


Interactive walk trough a terain, using postures and gestures. Video Enjoy Kinect Gestures with Quest3D (2/3). Lifting the right arm starts movement, and the horizontal direction is used for orientation.


Controlling a Video Mask, using skeleton based postures. Video Enjoy Kinect Gestures with Quest3D (3/3). The lower right arm axis is used for pointing.


3D Painting with a Quest3D Physics Engine. Video Enjoy 3D Painting. The gesture "throw" is implemented.


Augmented Reality

An Augmented Reality scenario is demonstrated in the video Enjoy Augmented Reality with Quest3D and Kinect. It combines video streaming with skeleton tracking.


Kinect, Win7 Touch, OSC, ..

Skeleton Independend Gestures

Navigate in a panorama. Nearest point seen by the camera is my hand. See video Enjoy Panorama Navigation with Quest3D and Kinect


Controlling a full Skinned Character

Have a look at the video Enjoy a Kinect driven Skinned Character in Quest3D. More details here.


Speech Based Navigation

A speech recognition example is discussed here.

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