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"Communicate with computers naturally" is the slogan associated with Microsoft Kinect. Combining Kinect with Quest3D offers access to new styles of Human Computer Interaction in a 3D world. The movements of arbitrary persons are recognized and mapped in real-time to body skeletons. This pose recognition allows to reconstruct an avatar and to detect gestures and postures.

My standard Kinect solutions allows human body skelton tracking, nearest point tracking (details below), and the visualization of RGB and Depth video streams with one sensor. Please refer to the Application Showcase and Technology Demos for more details. Additional custom solutions including Spech Recognition, support for multiple sensors, and connecting avatars are discussed here.

Kinect Plug-In

The Kinect plug-in makes the most prominent Kinect body skeleton data available inside Quest3D, including: Overall position of users, 20 body joint positions, and tracking quality feedback. No external programs nesessary. More than one person can be tracked. There is no need for a setup posture. Everyone just simply just has to walk onto the stage. In addition, the plug-in can be configured to deliver the coordinates of the nearest point seeen by the depth camera. This can be used in many ways as a basis for gesture recongnition close to the camera, without the need for skeleton tracking.

Two video streams are available: RGB and Depth. The camera output resolution is selectable. The depth stream includes false color coding of active players. Several commands and inquiries are available during runtime, including: application based selection of active users ( 2 out of ma. 6), near mode, seated mode, smooth parameters, and elevaton angle. Multiple Senors ar not supported in this standard version.

This channel requires Win7 and prior installation of the free Kinect for Windows Runtime or SDK (Version 1.7 or higher). This Plug-In addressed both Versions of the Kinect hardware: 360 and Windows. The forum pages are Kinect Augmented Reality Solution available for sale and Kinect for Windows SDK Plug-In KinectSkeleton. Access to all trial ressources [here]. Read the manual pages.

The KinectSet is available for purchase and immediate download. It contains a detailed background infos, ReleaseNotes, two fully functional Kinect.dll, and four annotated examples. Plug-in for Quest3D Version 4.3.2 and 5.0 (x64).

Fees (in Euro): KinectSet 295 € + Taxes. license agreement. Send me an e-mail to proceed.


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