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Kinect OSC
Win7 Touchscreen


Open Sound Control (OSC)

What is OSC? In short, a real-time transfer data structure originally defined for musicians but now used in may scenarios, including smartphones, tables, Kinect, Touch Monitors, etc.. For more background info see my survey paper Open Communication with Quest3D.

Advantages: Fast acces to many existing client applications or controller. No programming need. No Windows boundary, works with any OS and hardware architecture. Supports sets of Quest3D Text and Value/Vector.

Some Application scenarios:
- Access to ubiquitous iOS and Android based devices as controller, including andOSC, touchOSC, ..
- Read TUIO enabled Touch Screens, including PQ Lab
-- Outsource specialized task to dedicated programms: Processing, EyesWeb, ..

For a list of sample applications look here.. Make sure to read the OSC TUIO Demo Notes. A complete listing of all TUIO and OSC related ressource can be found [here].


Our set of OSC custom channels address different requrements: Simple scenarions are supported with OSCreader, confined to messages with only one attribute (text, value, and vector). More complex messages or bundled messages are imported into Quest3D with a combination of OSCbundleDecoder and OSCmessageDecoder. And exported with OSCmessageEncoder.


Bidirectional Ball Control. Sample application


Trials are available (4.3.2): For downloadable Trial Demos and videos look here.. Access to all trial ressources [here].

Full license: The customer bundle ships with all five custom channels: UDPreader, UDPwriter, OSCmessageDecoder, OSCmessageEncoder, and OSCpackageDecoder (not OSCreader). Many cgr demos are included for your convenience. Plug-in fur Quest3D Version 4.3.2 and 5.0 (x64).

You are ready to start using OSC and TUIO immediately.

Fees (in Euro): Full version 220 € + Taxes. license agreement. Send me an e-mail to proceed.

OSCmessageEncoder Plug-In

Sending OSC messages to OSC enabled clients allows to implement feedback. Example: A TouchOSC app hosted on an iOS or Android appliance acts a remote control device for a Quest3D application. Quest3D can send feedback info back to the controller with OSCmessageEncoder. Requires UDPwriter to send the message over a network. Plug-in for Quest3D Version 4.3.2 and 5.0 (x64).

More details in the manual pages. Related video

Fees (in Euro): Full version only. See Bundle


Mouse Writer QUest3D shares its activity with an iPod.

OSCmessageDecoder Plug-In

OSCmessageDecoder decodes all text and value components of any single OSC message. Reads from a Quest3D buffer channel. Needs UDP custom channel to receive the message over a network. Plug-in for Quest3D Version 4.3.2 and 5.0 (x64).

More details in the manual pages. Watch the videos 1 2

Fees (in Euro): Full version only. See Bundle


Walk in the Woods. Acceleration controlled avatar movement

OSCpacketDecoder Plug-In

OSCpacketDecoder handles OSC bundles in conjuction with OSCmessageDecoder. This allows for TUIO support. Plug-in for Quest3D Version 4.3.2 and 5.0 (x64).

More details in the manual pages. Watch the videos 1 2 3

Fees (in Euro): Full version only. See Bundle


TUIO Finger Tracking Finger leaf marks in the sand

OSCreader Plug-In

OSCreader reads a subset of Open Sound Control messages send via UDP. No OSC bundle support. The amount of attributes read is 1 text, 1 value, and 1 vector. Use OSCmessageDecoder for higher requrements. Watch the sample application video "Enjoy Quest3D on IPad"

Main Quest3D Forum Page for details. More details in the manual pages. Plug-in for Quest3D Version 4.3.2 and 5.0 (x64). Access to all trial ressources [here].

Fees (in Euro): Full version 79.- € + Taxes,. license agreement. Send me an e-mail to proceed.


Newton Teapot Remote start of the physics engine.

Application Showcase

Name Video Trial EXE available
OSC Dump   OSC Dump OSCpackageDecoder OSCmessageDecoder
Newton Teapot
Enjoy Quest3D on iPad OSC Newton Teapot OSCreader
Mouse Writer
  OSC Mouse Writer OSCmessageEncoder
Walk in the Woods
Enjoy a Walk in the Woods OSC Walk In The Woods OSCmessageDecoder
Bidirectional Ball Control Enjoy bidirectional communication between Quest3D and iPad OSC Bidirectional Ball Control OSCmessageDecoder OSCmessageEncoder
Kinect Dancing Skeletons
Enjoy Dancing Skeletons   OSCpacketDecoder OSCmessageDecoder (OSCeleton Client)
Kinect 3D Painting
Enjoy 3D Painting   OSCpacketDecoder OSCmessageDecoder (OSCeleton Client)
TUIO reactIVision Reader
Enjoy TUIO with Quest3D TUIO Reactivision Reader OSCpacketDecoder OSCmessageDecoder
TUIO Paint

Enjoy TUIO with Quest3D TUIO Paint OSCpacketDecoder OSCmessageDecoder
TUIO Sand Paint
Enjoy TUIO with Quest3D TUIO Sand Paint OSCpacketDecoder OSCmessageDecoder


Please read the User Instruction Notes before downloading the *-Trial-exe.

Technology Background

The Kinect connection uses OSCeleton. The OSC messages are grouped into bundles. Individual players are identified. This allows tracking more than one person. more...

The TUIO Painter uses GPU physics, provided by the Quest3D Plug-In PhysXforQuest. Runs on Nvidia Cards.

iPad and iPod run the TouchOSC app. TouchOSC allows bidirectional communication and ships with a forms editor. The streaming of the Quest3D Newton Teapot is performed with the MaxiVista app.


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OSCreader videos

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