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All of my 14 plug-in channels are made for professional Quest3D artists, seeking higher productivity and wanting to create richer user experience. This site offers plug-ins since early 2011.

My customers live in many countries: Australia, China, Belarus, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Taiwan, Turkey, ..

All plug-ins have been thoroughly tested, and support instant production benefits. And they are immediately available worldwide via a well known B2B software distributor, operating in multi-language.

A fully functional trial version of each plug-in and a demo project cgr is available in the corresponding Quest3D forum pages (or here) . This allows you to conduct a free test, and to buy without risks.

A general, technical introduction can be found [here].

My Plug-Ins for Sale


Channel Name Remarks
Win7 Multi-touch and Gestures UserInputGesture

UDP and TCP Communication UDPreader

OSC and TUIO OSCreader

Kinect Kinect

Option: Kinect Custom Solutions
Texture SetTexturePixel

Misc. Beep

free channel

Custom Channels Gallery

Gestures on Win7 MultiTouch Win7 iOS and Android Devices as OSC Controller
Reading TUIO Connecting Flash with TCP Server Connecting Novint Falcon
Kinect as 3D Painter OSC bundle decoding for Kinect.  

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